Thursday Oct 25 @ 04:17am

Hey all! Sorry I haven’t been posting lately, I’ve had lots of family issues to deal with, and seeing as how I do this alone I haven’t had the time. But! I’m working on it and will be back with more What I need to say quotes :) Thanks for following!

Saturday Aug 18 @ 09:17pm
Monday Jun 11 @ 01:01am


Monday Jun 11 @ 12:57am

fivevowelsthreesyllables asked: I love you more than anything, but it is getting so hard to stay strong.

Things get hard. But stay strong, and sometimes letting go is a strong thing too.

Monday Jun 11 @ 12:55am


Friday Jun 1 @ 04:03am

thenaebyrd777 asked: I'm sick of feeling like I'm not good enough for anyone.

You are good enough. No matter what you think, to someone you are enough just the way you are don’t ever doubt that. 

Friday Jun 1 @ 04:01am
Friday Jun 1 @ 12:34am
Friday Jun 1 @ 12:34am
Friday Jun 1 @ 12:33am

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